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Jenny Newland


I am trained in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP)


I find it an adaptable, forward thinking and optimistic psychology which lends itself to use in a wide variety of contexts.  Click here for more information about PCP.



Formal Qualifications


BSc (hons) Psychology

Advanced Diploma in PCP Psychotherapy and Counselling

Diploma in Midwifery


Other Training and Courses:

How We Learn Maths For Teachers, Jo Boaler, Stanford University MOOC

Introduction To Mathematical Thinking, Keith Devlin, Stanford University MOOC

The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People, Edinburgh University MOOC

Positive Coaching, Sport Scotland


Whitewater Coach Training

Whitewater River Leader

Level 1 Paddlesport Coach


I also work at Counselling Conversations, Edinburgh

From studying Psychology at University, I have worked my way along various paths, all of which contribute to where I am today:


Working with people with addictions


Counselling and Psychotherapy


Maths and Educational Work

Life Coaching and Sports Coaching


I have always enjoyed keeping a lot of variety in my work and I find that allowing these diverse interests to develop alongside each other, requiring me to adapt the differing roles of educator, psychotherapist/counsellor and coach, keeps me on my toes and helps to ensure that my working life is exciting and challenging in the way that I want it to be.

I welcome anyone who has a problem or concern that could benefit from a psychological or educational approach.


Consultations in Edinburgh

2b Clarence Street

Edinburgh EH3 5AF

07954 229255