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I have become increasingly fascinated by the often difficult relationship people have with maths, and working to explore ways of easing this relationship.

So many people seem to experience problems with maths and parents worry when their children seem to be unable to get along with it.

We frequently hear people of all ages say things like

I can't do maths”

maths is my worst subject”

I hate maths”

Experiences with maths are often described in terms of frustration, boredom, distress, anxiety and even trauma.  People often have really strong feelings about it.

Beginning with the belief that maths is something that everyone can learn to do and that we can take control of and therefore develop our maths intelligence, I provide specialist help with maths to adults and children.


I specialise in working with children who do not fit easily into the school system (for whatever reasons) or who struggle to work in ways that are expected in their school.


I am particularly interested in working with adults for whom school maths classes were not a positive learning experience.

Starting from wherever you are now and working to build your knowledge and confidence at your own pace we can work together to overcome the psychological learning blocks and help you move towards becoming both competent and confident in maths.

One of the problems that I see a lot is that people get very frightened of making mistakes in maths and of getting the 'wrong' answer. I see the mistakes as valuable learning tools and therefore, a crucial part of the learning process. It is through having the courage to try things and to make the errors that real learning can happen. I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment in which there is the freedom to make mistakes and to learn from them without judgement.

Developing your maths ability enhances all problem solving and strategic thinking skills which can be transferred into other realms of life, therefore providing benefits far beyond the maths problems themselves.

I aim to ease what can be a difficult and often fraught relationship into something that develops skills and builds confidence.