Working With The Challenges of Living

Collection of Personal Data

- Privacy Notice


This notice describes how information about you may be used and disclosed.



What kind of information will I collect and what will it be used for?

I will collect name, address, email address and phone number.

This information will be used to enable me to contact you for appointments and also to get in touch if the internet is not working when we have an online appointment scheduled.

The name of your GP or GP Practice.

While I do not routinely contact client’s Gps, occasions sometimes arise when it is appropriate to do so. I would not do this without discussing it with the client beforehand.

Any medication you may be taking

Sometimes medication can have an effect on a persons emotional or psychological state and it is useful for understanding the whole picture of what is going on for a person to have this information.


I also keep records of our appointments dates and times as well as notes on the content of the sessions.

Details of our sessions are completely confidential except where there is a statutory duty to disclose information for example with respect to threatened acts of violence or child abuse.

At times, details of sessions may also be discussed with a supervisor to help to clarify the work being undertaken.


Lawsuits and Disputes: If you are involved in a lawsuit, I may disclose health information in response to a court or administrative order.

Emergencies: I may use or disclose your PHI in an emergency treatment situation. If this happens, I will try to obtain your consent as soon as is reasonably practicable.


Online therapy platform: If engaging in online therapy, I will not, under any circumstances, record any sessions without the explicit prior agreement of my client.

We will agree a suitable platform to use for online sessions taking into consideration both security and convenience.

Links to other websites

My website contains links to other websites that I think may be helpful to you. You should note that once you have clicked these links, I have no control over these sites and cannot be held responsible for any data that may be collected from you while on them.



Data Protection Policy

As individuals, we want to know that personal information about ourselves is handled properly, and we and others have specific rights in this regard.

In the course of therapy, I will collect, store and process personal information.

The types of personal information that I may be required to handle include:

The personal information, which may be held on paper or on a computer or other media, is subject to certain legal safeguards.

Status of the Policy

This sets out PCP Living and Learning’s policy on data protection and specifies how it will comply with the current legislation regarding the receiving, storage, processing, retention and disposal of personal information.

Any breach of the policy will be taken seriously and I recognise that negligent or deliberate breaches could result in personal criminal liability. Anyone who considers that the policy has not been followed in respect of personal information about themselves or others should raise the matter with Jenny Newland in the first instance.

Data Protection Principles

Anyone processing personal data must comply with the eight principles of good practice. These provide that personal data must be:

1. Processed fairly and lawfully

2. Processed for limited purposes and in an appropriate way

3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose

4. Accurate

5. Not kept longer than necessary for the purpose

6. Processed in line with data subjects' rights

7. Secure

8. Not transferred to people or organisations situated in countries without adequate protection


This policy will be reviewed periodically in order to maintain its currency and relevance.