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Jenny Newland

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As a keen kayaker, paddlesport coach and climber, I am very interested in the psychological challenges that people come up against in sporting activities. 

Sporting activities can challenge us physically, mentally and emotionally. They can take us to our limits in all kinds of unexpected ways.

Sometimes in order to progress and improve our skills and abilities from whatever level we happen to be at, we find ourselves needing to challenge these limits.
What I do is to work closely with a person so that we can develop together a deep understanding of what these limits might be and what it is that is getting in the way for them. Together, we can then use this information to find ways to move onwards.
For Sports Coaches:
Are you happy with the way you coach?  Do participants in your sessions respond the way you'd like them to? Are you communicating in a style that you are comfortable with or would like to be on the receiving end of?
If you would like to work with any aspect of your 'coaching personality' then maybe I can help.
Become the Coach you Want To Be : Workshops available for small groups - please get in touch for further information.