Working With The Challenges of Living


About Personal Construct Psychology


An invitation To Personal Construct Psychology

By Trevor Butt & Vivien Burr


Personal Construct Theory In Educational Psychology:

A Practitioners View

By Tom Ravenette


The Child within: Taking the Young Person's Perspective by Applying Personal Construct Psychology

By Richard Butler and David Green


Coventry Constructivist Centre - UK constructivist group offering regular study days, foundation courses in Personal Construct Psychology and other events

The George Kelly Society - international website for PCP

Personal Construct Theory and Practice - international online peer-reviewed journal with an open archive (free-to-access)


ICP International Lab - international networking and support for PCP practitioners worldwide, part of the Institute of Constructivist Psychology (ICP) Padua)

Mary Frances : Constructivist - Conversations, writing, interesting posts.

Personal Construct Psychology Association - UK organisation supporting PCP psychotherapists

About Children and Parenting 


The Explosive Child

By Dr Ross W Greene


A Boy Made of Blocks

By Keith Stewart


Siblings Without Rivalry

By Elaiane Farber & Elaine Mazlish


How To Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk

By Elaine Farber & Elaine Mazlish